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Voice Mail - Never Miss Another Message!
It’s easy to see why so many PRTC customers are subscribing to Voice Mail. This convenient feature stores incoming messages for your  easy retrieval without on-premise equipment. Voice Mail is more convenient than an answering machine because it’s more reliable and not susceptible to lightning, you never have to hassle with another micro cassette, and Voice Mail takes up no counter space. So whether you’re on the phone, or away from the phone, Voice Mail acts as your most reliable electronic voice messaging system ever!
$3.95 Basic
$5.95 Deluxe

There is a $13.00 Service Charge to activate any single calling feature.
There is no Service Charge if you activate the Peoples Choice Package.
There is no Service Charge to activate Voice Mail.
Email PRTC and a Customer Service Representative will call you with further details on how you can start saving today!