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Repairs & Service

Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative works hard so you will receive excellent service without interruptions. But occasionally, weather and other minor problems may cause temporary interruptions in your telecommunications service. That’s why we offer the following tips for you to review when you do have an interruption in your service. But don’t worry, our service specialists and repairmen are expertly trained and available when you need them.

If you have a repair request, simply contact our business office during regular business hours.

If you have an emergency after hours, dial 287-4801 (or 611) and a repairman will be dispatched as soon as possible.

At PRTC, your reliable telecommunications connection is our number one goal!

1. Do what you can to locate the problem. If you can, begin to isolate where the problem may be. It will help PRTC professionals resolve the problem more quickly.

• If you have customer-owned equipment and/or wiring, disconnect to see if the trouble clears. If we make a service call to your premise and determine that the trouble is caused by your equipment, a premise visit charge will be added to your account.

• Check all phones to ensure that they are hung-up properly.

• Check phones to determine if trouble exists on all phones or just one.

2. Contact the business office at PRTC.

3. Make sure you have an Inside Wire Maintenance Plan A PRTC Maintenance Plan is your protection against costly, unexpected repair bills. A nominal monthly fee - just $1.25 per month -- ensures repairs to station wiring, jacks, and equipment purchased from PRTC at little or no cost to you.